Best Ph.D. Thesis Award at EUSFLAT 2013

With this call we encourage young researchers who got their Ph.D. degree between January 1st 2011 and December 31st 2012 to apply to these awards.

The EUSFLAT Best Ph.D. Thesis Award will be acknowledged during the EUSFLAT 2013 conference. (for further details please visit the official EUSFLAT Awards page:

The EUSFLAT Best Ph.D. Thesis Award will be given based on the following rules:

  • A formal application from the PhD supervisor has to be sent by e-mail to the addresses and six months before the conference (by March 11th, 2013).
  • The applicant should have obtained the Ph.D. degree in the two years previous the EUSFLAT conference (January 2011 – December 2012).
  • The Ph.D. supervisor supporting the applicant should be a EUSFLAT paying member when submitting the application to this award.
  • The applicant should provide the EUSFLAT President (currently Prof. Javier Montero) and to the EUSFLAT board member in charge of prizes (currently Eulalia Szmidt) with the following documentation:
    • A link to the web site where each member of the Award Commission can download the electronic final version of the Ph.D. thesis.
    • A copy of the signed application form containing:
      • Name, affiliation, address and e-mail of the applicant
      • Title of the Ph.D. Thesis
      • Place and date of public defence
      • Declaration of presence at the award ceremony
      • Short report from any of the Ph.D. advisors stressing merits of the applicant and the relevance of presented results
      • Ph.D. advisor EUSFLAT membership data

Each awarded applicant will receive, in addition to the Award itself, a 200 Euro valued prize plus a one year free subscription to EUSFLAT.